Target Markets

Anthology Capital operates only in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, maximizing the benefits of regional market insight and expertise in every aspect of our investments. This focused and hands-on approach has resulted in strong relationships with local market participants throughout the region. It sets us apart from “part-time” investors in the market and has been a key to our success. Our well-developed network is often the source of unique, off-market opportunities that can generate attractive returns for our investors. We thoroughly enjoy working and living in the region, making a positive impact in the communities where we invest, and doing our part to support like-minded business partners and colleagues.

We consider Seattle and Portland, i.e. the Pacific Northwest, to be ideal locations to invest in commercial real estate for the long term. They’re 18-hour cities, gateways to Asian trade and travel, and benefit from geographic features that put limits on developable land and therefore create high barriers to entry for competing properties. There’s tremendous upside potential here. San Francisco is a much bigger market and, in keeping with that, a little more complicated. It’s very much a 24-hour city that has already establish itself on the world stage. There may be less upside potential in San Francisco, but it’s hard to beat the steady performance of commercial real estate investments in this market.

Seattle, WA, USA

The Seattle MSA is located in western Washington along the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. It includes the three most populous counties in Washington and is one of the most affluent urban centers in the USA, headquarters to companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, and Starbucks, just to name a few. It’s also a major port of entry for both cargo and passenger ships and a gateway to Asia for air travel.

Portland, OR, USA

The Portland MSA is located in the northwestern section of Oregon along the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. Straddling the state line that separates Oregon and Washington, the MSA is comprised of five counties in Oregon and two in Washington. It’s headquarters to Nike and, although not designated as its headquarters, Intel has its largest concentration of facilities and employees there.

San Francisco, CA, USA

The San Francisco MSA is located in northern California along San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The MSA includes five counties, while our target market often expands to encompasses the nine counties that are generally referred to as the San Francisco Bay Area. By many measures, it’s the strongest economy in the USA, due to its concentration of tech companies, such as Apple, Google, Cisco, and Tesla.

Our Criteria Checklist

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