Investment Strategy

The mission of Anthology Capital is to grow the wealth of our investors through the careful stewardship of their capital. We invest across a select number of asset classes in commercial real estate. These investment properties are located in a region of the United States that benefits both form geographic characteristics limiting the availability of new development sites and robust local economies driven by the tech industry. As value-add investors, we seek out underperforming assets and provide the attention, capital, and expertise necessary to unlock previously unrealized returns. Our strong local relationships, disciplined underwriting, and stalwart operating focus are essential characteristics in this investment strategy.

Step 1

We find these opportunities through deep connections with CRE brokers and other real estate professionals in our target markets. In addition, this website serves as a receptacle for off-market transactions, with prospective sellers contacting us directly to offer their properties.

Step 2

We thoroughly analyze the property from an investors point of view. This entails a deep dive into sale comps and lease comps in the target market. Very few of the properties we analyze make the cut.

Step 3

If the subject property fits our investment criteria, we enter into a purchase & sale agreement. This entails depositing earnest money into an escrow account and committing to purchase the property once certain contingencies are satisfied.

Step 4

Once we have the subject property under contract, we issue a private placement memorandum to our investors, which includes a subscription agreement. After careful review, those wishing to participate in the investment complete the subscription agreements.

Step 5

The difference between the acquisition costs and the amount raised from investors is financed through conventional means. Financing for our properties typically represents a loan-to-value ratio between 50% and 60%, which we consider to be conservative to moderate leverage.

Step 6

Anthology Capital manages all of its properties at the portfolio level. Day-to-day operations are managed by third-party property management companies. We have long-term relationships with local property managers at many of the top firms in our target markets.

Step 7

The investment comes to an end when the subject property is sold at the end of the holding period. This will vary depending on the specifics of each investment, although we typical plan for a holding period of from seven to 10 years.

Our Criteria Checklist

Are you selling an investment property that matches our search criteria? Please let us know!